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Electric car power charging
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EV Charging Points

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Electric vehicle charging is essential for the growing number of electric car owners. Our charging solutions offer convenient, fast, and reliable options, empowering you to embrace sustainable transportation with ease.



Charge your electric vehicle efficiently at home, ready for the morning. Make EVs a seamless and pain-free part of your daily life.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Integrate with other renewable energy systems and take advantage of off-peak rates, to save massively on costs.



Showcase your commitment to sustainability, provide assistance to other EV owners, and enhance the value of your property.

The benefits of private charging points, driven home.

Using an Electric Vehicle (EV) home charging point offers numerous benefits…

It allows you to charge your EV at your own convenience, saving you time by eliminating the need to visit public charging stations.

It enhances your energy independence and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Home charging points often offer faster charging speeds, ensuring your vehicle is always ready for daily commutes or longer trips.

Installing an EV charging point at home can increase your property’s value, and is an additional appeal for potential buyers.

Charging at home can be virtually free, especially if you generate and store power from solar panels.

On a commercial property, installing EV charging points will benefit your workforce and customers alike, allowing them to charge their vehicles as they work / visit your office.

Having EV charging points installed in the workplace will also demonstrate your commitment to a greener planet – and by showing that you care for the environment, its likely that you will impress your customers too!

Popular EV charging systems

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Zappi Electrical Vehicle Charger

The myenergi Zappi

Can operate as a standard home car charger, using power from the grid, or optional charging modes which use 100% green using energy generated from your own home Solar PV.

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Podpoint Ev Car Charger

Podpoint Solo 3

Offers fast and reliable charging for any electric vehicle. With its compact design, smart features, and mobile app, it ensures a convenient and efficient charging experience.

Stefan Reeve

Excellent communication, very thorough and explained everything to me. Highly recommend.

LJ Winning

OnPoint provided me with a quote for the supply and fit of my new home EV charging point. The quote was competitive and the charger was fitted really quickly. Good, honest, clean work and great post fit help with the set up too.

Zappi Ev Charger Installation Image
Zappi Ev Charger Installation Image
Zappi Ev Charger Installation Image
Zappi Ev Charger Installation Image

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